The Sunset Wing breakfast buffet | award-winning & the perfect start into an adventurous day!

A balanced breakfast makes for a great start to the morning. At scalaria, we have made it our mission to make the start of the day irresistible.

Our breakfast buffet has been awarded the “Gourmet á la carte” trophy. 

Take a seat in our restaurant facing the lake and start your day of exploring with us. Now that it is open until 12 noon, late risers also get the chance to enjoy our award-winning breakfast to the full.


The extensive offering ranges from live cooking stations for perfect scrambled eggs and

freshly made pancakes to Italian antipasti and organic cheese from the region...

...every taste is catered to. You decide how you want to start your day!


__Live cooking station with eggs and omelettes prepared just how you like them

  • Scrambled eggs or an omelette with peppers, onion, ham, cheese, smoked trout or mushrooms... A fried egg or ham and eggs, soft boiled eggs, sunny side up


 __Fresh and tasty 

  • A range of vegan and traditional spreads, sauna-smoked ham, lean ham, etc. Salami and sausage varieties, prosciutto specialities from Italy and Styrian volcanic country... freshly sliced!


 __Cheese buffet with specialities for sophisticated palates 


__Sustainably portioned and for those with a sweet tooth…

  • Linden blossom honey, forest blossom honey and acacia honey from Honigmanufaktur Marktl, strawberry jam and apricot jam from Ischler Marmeladen, nutella...

        Organic juice station

  • With a convenient juicer that allows you to squeeze your own juice... you get the most vitamins when it’s freshly squeezed!

        Fresh bread and vitality bar

  • With different wholemeal varieties, small rolls, multi-grain bread, crusty bread, rye bread, wholemeal spelt bread, French bread
  • Small rolls: poppy seed rolls, mixed pretzels, salted bread sticks, Vienna rolls and bagels with sesame... and lots of small treats to round things off. Butter brioche, homemade cakes, Gugelhupf cake...

       Warm food 

  • Croissant from the oven; baked fresh every day.


__From local lakes and with an international premium standard

  • Smoked salmon/salmon trout with honey-mustard sauce... or dill-mustard sauce, freshly prepared guacamole

                ...and crème fraîche, picked gherkins, shallots, egg salad, capers and horseradish to round things off


__Different muesli varieties and fresh Bircher muesli

  • Not to mention fresh fruits, a crunchy mix and milk from the Salzburg region | milk from mountain farmers


 __Various fruit and natural yoghurts, fresh fruit bar and mixed berries


Tastes may vary, but we have something for everyone.
Our kitchen team is happy to satisfy every request and focuses on regional products.